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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Disney Princesses, Feminism, and what are we teaching our daughters?

My younger daughter turned 6 this past Sunday. She has been a Cinderella nut for ages, so this Christmas she received lots of Princess stuff. For her birthday, she wanted a Princess party, so a dozen or so little princesses descended on my house on Saturday. Halfway through the party, she said her dress made her itchy and she took it off. I was a bit upset when taking the group photo and the birthday girl was wearing pants and a t-shirt, but whatever. I even made her a Castle cake, which didn't turn out quite the way I expected, the cake was too flaky and wouldn't hold the icing, not to mention the fact that I ran out of frosting....

The recently sieged Castle Cake....
But did she notice? Not a bit. She was more interested in putting sprinkles and 2 little princess figurines on it than noticing that the castle looked like it had been pillaged and plundered.

So fast forward to the next day, her actual birthday. We gave her a Cinderella carriage complete with a resplendent Prince Charming. This is the first male doll she has owned, and leave it to the girls to pull his pants down to see his bum and see if he had a penis. Finally, payback for Daddy looking at Barbies, Bratz, and Disney Princesses in such a manner. I can hardly reprimand them for being curious, can I? Later that night I came across Cinderella and her trusty steed on the couch. This is what it looked like;

Cinderelly a go-go

Apparently whenever she put Cinderella in the carriage with Prince Charming, her dress would keep the door open. So leave it to my resourceful, smart child to remover her cumbersome dress and leave her in the carriage in her underwear! Like my daughter, Cinderella's dress became too much of a bother. Pretty for a while, but not very comfortable. Looks like at this point that she finally ditched the man too, happy to ride naked, carefree and upside down. Isn't that what every little girl truly dreams of anyway?!


Blogger Graham said...

BWAHAHA! the joys of parenting continue!

good story Sis, sorry it took so long for me to read.

1:56 PM  

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