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I am a work at home mom of 3 living in the country just outside of St Marys, Ontario. I am a freelance writer and copywriter just finally getting going on my business after baby #3. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and have called Canada home for 16 years now.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kids + Vomit= One tired Mom

Why do kids always throw up in the middle of the night? They can't wait for morning, or throw up during normal hours. No, they must start puking when we're either a. 'busy', or b. deep into REM sleep dreaming about Colin Farrell. *sigh*

Such has been my life over the past weekend, first the oldest came down with this stomach bug that caused 8 kids to be absent from school on Friday. Thankfully she is old enough now that she can aim for the bucket and doesn't cry for me everytime. Love that. Sunday night at midnight the middle child came down with it. After setting her up with a bucket and towels, she was ok fending for herself. But as every mom knows, you wake up with each retch you hear. Yesterday morning I succumbed to the wicked ailment and spent the day on the couch, not caring if the toddler tore the place apart. Oh, and the toddler? He started throwing up at 1am this morning, and continued throwing up every half hour until I crawled back into bed at 6am for an hour and 10 minute power nap.... So 4 down and one to go.... I'm half expecting hubby to come home early and spend the rest of the day in bed, if not today then definately by tomorrow.

There should be some kind of law against kids throwing up in the middle of the night. Who's with me?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Website Up and Running Again!

Thanks to a nasty virus that caused a reformat of my laptop, and the fact that changing host providers is NEVER as easy as they say it will be, my website was offline for a couple of weeks. Thankfully I have now got it up and running again, and just about finished. I still need to insert some published works into my portfolio, but all the links work and I think I've ironed out any other kinks that may interfere with the overall look of it. I'm open to any comments, suggestions, etc so please check it out

Many thanks to those who have already given their feedback!