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I am a work at home mom of 3 living in the country just outside of St Marys, Ontario. I am a freelance writer and copywriter just finally getting going on my business after baby #3. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and have called Canada home for 16 years now.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Direction

I've been somewhat neglectful of my blog over the past few weeks. I've been thinking of changing the direction, of posting content that is related to starting a home based business. As some of you may know, I am a work at home mom that has decided to delve into the lucrative area of freelance copywriting. If you don't know what a copywriter is, then you need to go to my site right now.

A copywriter uses words to sell products. My BA in English is finally paying off! Of course, being self employed means a lot of hard work. The past year has been spent researching, learning, making contacts, building my portfolio, building an online presence via my website, and also getting my portfolio up and running. I have taken on some volunteer positions as I know this is the best and fastest way to build my portfolio before I have actual paying clients. I have written an article at Ezine Articles, and have more in the works. I have collected testimonials in lieu of payment from the non-profit work I have done recently. My website is nearly completed now, and the word is getting out about what I do.

The other side of starting a freelance business from home, is of course working with small children running around. For those of you that are regular readers (all 2 of you!) you will know that I have 3 children, and only 1 is in school full time. That makes for some keen multitasking on my part. Motherhood is quite the adventure. Add a work from home/self employed situation to the mix and you've got the poster child (or woman, in this case) for adult-onset ADD. But, I wouldn't change it for the world. I've examined my options and there is nothing else right now that I'd rather be doing.

So, I hope you will come back and see how I'm doing from time to time as I establish myself as a freelance copywriter. Who knows, maybe you'll even know someone who knows someone who could use a proofreader, editor, writer, marketing guru, word geek....